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Material Purchasing Program for Commercial Builders and Short Term & Personal Loans

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Commercial Builder Material Purchasing Program

If you're a commercial builder who has been in business a few years and has revenue of at least $500,000 per annum along with a 600 credit score and need to finance the purchase of materials for commercial jobs (no residential properties) to maximize your liquidity, we can help!

Our program will give you 120 days to pay off the balance, charging only 2% over the overall costs of materials utilized.  There is a $50/week payment for every $10,000 spent.  All we would need is the invoices from the companies that you purchase from uploaded into our system.

Visit our link to get started, here!

Loans for business or home improvements, whatever life throws your way

We can offer personal and short term loans for things like home improvements, credit card consolidation, rainy day needs, or anything else that life throws in your way.  This program is great for businesses too-up to $30,000 funded same day, upon underwriting and credit qualification.  Follow our link here and get started today!

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Material Purchasing for Commercial Contractors and Short Term & Personal Loans: Services
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